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WakFit provides personalized workout and meal plans. The mobile apps, available in both Android and iOS, have workouts and meals planned according to user inputs during signup. This ensures that the workouts and meals are based on user's age, weight, height, and other physical information they provide.

There are also exercises designed for specific parts of the body. Basically, WakFit has workouts and meals for every need, including for all age groups.

Apart from personalized workout and meal plans, WakFit has Yoga and Meditation exercises. What we offer is almost endless.

Our meal plans come with ingredients, recipe, nutritional value or number of calories, and all the information needed in the preparation of the meals.

WakFit also enables you to count your steps in addition to calculating your BMI based on the input. You are also able to keep records of your weight and the progress within the app.

WakFit Shop enables you to buy workout equipment and training kits from us at discounted prices. You can also purchase supplements from the shop at discounted prices.


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